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Is to become the Skills Development and Training partner of choice



To advance the objectives of the National Qualifications Framework and National Skills Development Strategy.
To tailor-make our learning programs to suit the needs of our clients.
To deliver training in an interactive manner which will ensure that the skills learned will be put to practice immediately.
To provide sustainable jobs to the unemployed.
To develop a solid training objective that is responsive to the job market.
To ensure continuous improvement in SLA management and service delivery to our clients.
To foster relationships through sales and marketing efforts.



We prioritise providing safety to our clients, our staff and as well as to our training facilities were we conduct training, to protect the health and well-being of our clients and those around us. We employ and train the best facilitators and moderators.


Nibble Institute was formed primarily to provide Skills and Training interventions, our business plan is designed to provide management with a systematic and strategic approach to achieve these primary objectives. Nibble Institute operates as a Private Company and was founded in September 2017, the company received its accreditation in September 2018 and aims to provide high quality training that is cost effective and excellent in quality of service.

We specialize in addressing the skills gap hereby maximizing growth of all employed and unemployed youth. The company intends to provide structured and profiled training interventions to contracted clients by providing credit and non-credit bearing Skills Programmes and possible Learnerships in the future. These interventions are based on improved skills and work performance relevant to business needs. It is strategically necessary for companies to invest in the education, training and skills development of its employees.

Training and skills development are core to the upliftment and growth to individuals as well as the organization as a whole. Developing a learning culture empowers companies to achieve dramatically improved results. Training is a key element in the business strategy of any organization which is dedicated to continuous learning.



We have clearly defined mission, vision and value statements to guide the actions of our company, outline our overall goal, provide a path, and guide decision-making. The mission, vision and value statements provide the framework or context within which our company's strategies are formulated.