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If you are involved in projects or project management then you already know that there are many professional qualifications available for people at different levels of experience. Project management is a fast growing profession in which qualified project managers are much in demand.

Regardless of your current career stage and your existing and past project management experience, a professional PM qualification will distinguish you in the job market and improve your ability to effectively deliver successful projects.

It is well-known that qualifications can boost your career prospects and your salary, and provide access to new opportunities and professional roles. However, different countries, industries and organisations value certain credentials more highly than others. Some certifications test knowledge, others assess competence or performance; many require pre-existing qualifications and experience. Some certifications are based on a methodology. So the decision about which PM certification to choose is not always straight-forward.



Defining the business case
Establishing scope
Drawing up a plan for project delivery
Identifying and managing risk
Monitoring and tracking project progress
Controlling change


Our company is driven by a corporate strategy which has two types of competencies:

The Core Competencies and

Strategic Competencies.



All our learning programmes are instructor led, our facilitators are subject matter experts and have industry experience in project management.
Our facility has achieved a rating of 97.91% on the OHS Audit.
Nibble Institute has obtained accreditation with Services SETA as a primary SETA.
Our learning material conform to the standards as set out by SAQA (SAQA Aligned learning material).
Nibble Institute has a Quality Management System and we adhere to the policies and procedures as described therein.



We pride ourselves on delivering credit and non-credit bearing learning programmes
Credit bearing learning programmes are SAQA aligned and therefore contribute to the career development of each learner.
We are committed to delivering high quality training and constantly improving training programmes.
We are compliant with Skills Development legislation.
We pride ourselves in building a long-lasting relationship with our clients.